Remembering Peter: “Incredibly Driven & Incredibly Insecure”

By Brian 

CNN D.C. bureau chief David Bohrman was describing his memories of Peter Jennings, from his years as senior producer of World News Tonight, when he said something surprising to me yesterday.

“Peter was incredibly driven and incredibly insecure,” Bohrman said. Driven and insecure? That’s an odd combination, isn’t it? But Bohrman explained: “He always thought he was about to be exposed as a fraud because he never finished school. For some reason, he didn’t realize he was the smartest one around…That’s why he worked so hard. He knew everything.”

“He was great,” Bohrman added, and then his words drifted away. Snapshots of Jennings filled the television screens on the wall. That’s when it hit me: Peter’s gone.