Remember “Peter Pretty”

By Brian 

Several e-mailers have responded loudly to this noontime post titled “The Lightweights.” Among them:

“Not to make any predictions here, but after the handwringing by your emailer about Vargas and Woodruff I’d like to point out that the exact same things were said about “Peter Pretty” on both occasions when he was named ABC’s anchor, 1965 and 1978,” a TV news vet says.

Also: “Who is this contributor “Jane” who is taking cheap shots at Elizabeth Vargas?,” an e-mailer wonders. “Here’s an idea: Let’s give Vargas a chance and see what she does. And if “Jane” wants to throw this kind of mud, you should at least let us know who she really is.” Many contributors to this site prefer to stay anonymous because of their position in the industry. In this case, the person is an insider, but not a broadcaster or a rival.

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