Questions…About NBC’s Task Force, Court TV’s Lead Anchor, & CNBC’s 8pm Hour

By Brian 

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> “Who is on the NBC News Digital Task Force?,” several e-mailers have asked. The names include Marisa Buchanan, Dan Slepian, Tim Peek, Frank Radice, Jeff Gralnick, Brett Holey, Lisa Green, and Beth O’Connell, according to tipsters (unconfirmed). Who else?

> Now that Court TV “chief anchor” Fred Graham is taking up an off-air role at the network, could Ashleigh Banfield take his place?

> CNBC is figuring out a replacement for all the Apprentice reruns at 8pm, and an announcement could be coming soon. What is the network considering for the first hour of primetime?

> An e-mailer wonders: “Is TV news consultant Bob Kaplitz now counting CNN among his clients? Many of the network’s latest stunts…including having Joe Johns track down members of Congress in the hallways and getting off the subway…seem to smack of Kaplitz’s in-your-face style…”

> DC-based BBC World News anchor Katty Kay is going on maternity leave before the end of the year, DCRTV says. Who will fill in for her?