Rachel Maddow and Team Celebrate 15 Years of TRMS

By A.J. Katz 

Earlier this week, MSNBC celebrated 15 years of its No. 1 show, The Rachel Maddow Show, with a gathering inside Pebble Bar in Manhattan. Joining Rachel Maddow at the celebration were MSNBC hosts Joy Reid, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, Jen Psaki, Ari Melber, Ayman Mohyeldin; The Rachel Maddow Show senior ep Cory Gnazzo, Rachel Maddow Presents: Deja News co-host Isaac Davy-Aaronson, MSNBC svp Greg Kordick, svp of content strategy Rebecca Kutler, vp of booking Jesse Rodriguez, along with with staff and crew from TRMS.

NBCUniversal News Group Chairman Cesar Conde and MSNBC President Rashida Jones each made remarks commemorating the milestone, with Conde acknowledging many team members having been a part of the show since its launch in 2008.



Jones told the attendees, “If you stood in front of or behind Rachel at the whiteboard at some point in your career, you were smarter and you were better for it.”

Maddow joked that “15 years is really 105 in dog years.” She continued to credit her staff’s “incredible diversity of family life, experience, educational background and professional life” to the success and longevity of the show, telling the staff and crew in the room, “it is only through that uniqueness – which you have to protect with your life – that lets us differentiate ourselves from the pasteurized morass that we swim in every day. You have to be different or you don’t matter. And all of your difference matters.”