By Brian 

> Is CNBC head Pamela Thomas-Graham still close to being replaced? It’s quiet — “a little too quiet,” one CNBC insider remarked today.

> Lou Dobbs anchored Iraq election coverage for three hours on Sunday. Should we read anything into that? (Update:
“No,” an e-mailer says. “All of CNN’s weekday ‘stars”‘were on duty. Dobbs just so happened to pull triple duty for that day. How bout asking the question that Judy Woodruff will be absent from the State of the Union coverage Wednesday night…You do know her contract is up this summer and RUMOR has it she will leave CNN!”

> When will a high-profile media type float the notion of combining CNBC and MSNBC?

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> Update: 7:10pm: Clarifying the Matt Furman item, the CNN P.R. chief is going on paternity leave and will have a new job at Turner Broadcasting when he returns…