MSNBC Confirms: Imus To Secaucus

By Brian 

It’s official: WFAN Radio’s “Imus In The Morning” program will begin broadcasting from MSNBC’s Secaucus, NJ headquarters on Monday, February 7. Here’s the press release.
Imus and Charles McCord will make the move while E.P. Bernard McGuirk and morning show regular Sid Rosenberg will remain in Astoria. MSNBC’s Amy Robach will anchor “periodic live news updates.”

It’s not a shock, of course — TVNewser broke the news weeks ago. Jeff Jarvis took the photo up above while appearing on MSNBC over the weekend. “I was not stupid enough to leave a Bababooey note for the I-man; I want to come back to MSNBC,” he blogs. “I didn’t go to on the PC. I didn’t make any jokes about cowboy hats. I behaved. But it was tempting.”

> Last month, Imus was the second-highest-rated show on MSNBC…

> Update: 11pm: “Imus will only be based here in Secaucus for around a month,” a tipster says, “then he goes to the ranch or Mars or wherever.”