By Brian 

> Update: 12:32pm: Yesterday’s CBS Evening News e-mail to viewers accidently promoted John Roberts to “Chief Washington Correspondent,” the title currently reserved for Bob Schieffer. But it was a mistake: Roberts is still “Chief White House Correspondent.”

> While CNNers in Washington prepare for Wolf Blitzer‘s new afternoon show, the 5pm broadcast has been moved to the “Inside Politics” set. What sort of “awesome new technology” is coming soon, and why will “The Situation Room” require two control rooms?

> Why have two anonymous tipsters suggested that Fox News has a “financial agreement for exclusivity” with Steve Groene, the father of the Idaho kidnap victims? Are they just jealous? Because that’s a serious assertion… (Update: 4:37pm: Groene is about to have a press conference, so that answers that question…)

> Would NBC Universal ever sell MSNBC?

> Per his blog, Brian Williams reads FishBowlNY! Does he read TVNewser, too?

> Update: 12:56pm: Oh, and don’t forget this question, from today’s NY Daily News: “Which fair and balanced face of Fox News likes to trawl for much younger men at a certain trendy dive bar on W. 40th St.? Hint: It’s not one of the girls.”