Jim Cramer: “Educating & Entertaining”

By Brian 

Jim Cramer “resembles a cross between a pro wrestler and an air traffic controller,” the Associated Press says in a profile of the CNBC “Mad Money” host. Here’s how he explains his must-see biz TV:

“I think that the current way of doing it – you have a fund manager come on, he talks — it’s not working. And I know that if you aren’t educating and entertaining, it’s not working. And I know that we can wait forever for the market to come back, but that’s not a plan of action. And I think you have to reinvent.

“My attempt to reinvent it is to do it in a way that gets people interested in their money, makes them feel that they are better investors, better traders, more thoughtful people about their money. And that doesn’t go out of style. I think that’s the key.”

> Plus: Mark Hoffman speaks!! “We’re not really promoting it off our own air and it’s grown essentially every week,” the CNBC prez says. “We just put it out there and it’s just growing virally.”