President Obama Calls Out Fox News in Two Speeches

By Jordan Chariton Comment

With the ongoing ISIS and Ebola crisis, President Obama surely has a lot on his mind. And yesterday, apparently Fox News was too.

In two separate speeches, the president cited the network during stump speeches.

“There’s a reason, fewer Republicans, you hear them running around about Obamacare,” Obama said during a speech at Northwestern University. “Cause good, affordable health care might seem like a fanged threat to the freedom of the American people on Fox News, it turns out it’s working out pretty well in the real world” (watch Greta Van Susteren react after the jump).

To hammer home the point, the president leveraged social media.

Later in the day, Obama was at it again, this time invoking one of the network’s primetime hosts.

“You already know how powerful the Latino vote can be,” President Obama said in front of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s gala on the subject of immigration reform. “In 2012, Latinos voted in record numbers. The next day, even Sean Hannity changed his mind and decided immigration reform was a good idea.”