Pres. Trump Weighs In On CNN Journalists’ Resignations

By A.J. Katz 

The President of the United States went on a tweet storm this morning. He re-tweeted items posted from the Fox & Friends account which are critical of the Democratic party.

He also fired off a number of tweets disparaging CNN.

Pres. Trump focused his CNN-themed tweets on yesterday’s story regarding the resignation of three CNN journalists who were involved directly and indirectly in the publication of a retracted story which falsely connected Trump transition team member and former Fox Business host/contributor Anthony Scaramucci with a Russian investment fund.

The network has already apologized for the false report in the form of an editor’s note, and Scaramucci accepted the apology.

CNN has become enemy No. 1 among Pres. Trump and his supporters. Their disdain for the network and its coverage of his administration has been well-documented. Having to retract multiple stories this month, one of which led to the resignation of three of its staffers, seems to be adding fuel to the anti-CNN fire and Trump’s “CNN is fake news” narrative.


CNN’s PR team responded to the president’s tweets with a line about its growing ratings: