Premiere of ‘At Large:’ Morning Papers

By Brian 

> Newsday: “Will Geraldo at Large nudge the ratings? Hell, yeah! – even if he will be airing against Oprah. This is Geraldo, after all, a guy who definitely nudges things. Umm, things. Not – we repeat, not – rescue workers.”

> A Q&A with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “I think that what you should expect is certainly what I’ve been doing for the last four years at Fox News Channel. [Geraldo at Large] is basically that program without the ‘Jane, you ignorant slut’ segment, without the cable talking head and punditry kind of stuff.”

> “When asked to describe his broadest view of an ideal world, he replied with what could be described as a presidential stump speech, all off the top of his head, without a single pause: Oprah Winfrey Republican,” the Chicago Sun Times says. Here is his answer…

> “Bill O’Reilly has a no-spin zone. Do you have any zones?,” the Detroit Free Press asks. Answer: “No zones. I’m singing the same song I’ve been singing for 35 years, and that’s the only zone — the Geraldo zone.”