Geraldo Returns To Syndication Today

By Brian 

“New Orleans: the big uneasy. Child molesters, rapists, and violent criminals. More than 2,000 sexual predators on the loose. What’s being done to track them done before they strike again? Geraldo hits the New Orleans streets to investigate.”

You guessed it: “Geraldo At Large” premieres today! Let’s round up all the links:

> TV Fodder: “[Today] is Halloween, or as I like to call it: Geraldo Day.”

> Associated Press: “Geraldo Rivera is returning to daily syndicated television, but not to the world of flying chairs, broken noses and transvestite makeovers.”

> St. Petersburg Times: “You’ve got a mature, national network news division producing a syndicated news program, which I don’t think has happened before,” Geraldo says. “Having that ability to tap into the worldwide resources of Fox News (and) the resource of the Tampa station…that is historic in and of itself.”

> Richard Huff notes that correspondents Laurie Dhue and Laura Ingle “will be exclusive to the show.”

> Find out when and where to watch…