Playboy Magazine Needs More Olbermann Fan Reactions

By SteveK 

Keith Olbermann‘s interview in the October 2007 issue of Playboy Magazine garnered a lot of attention, thanks mostly to his “Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda” comment. In this month’s Playboy Magazine, the Dear Playboy page is littered with negative reaction to the Olbermann interview.

But an anonymous emailer directed TVNewser to, a fan site of Olbermann’s. Becky, who runs the site, tells the story of how Playboy editor Chip Rowe contacted her looking for a positive letter in support of Olbermann to offset the slew of negative letters Playboy received.

Becky agreed to write a letter, and she has images of her Playboy-requested letter in the magazine among the many anti-Olbermann rants.


More from an industry insider: “The more glaring issue here is that Olbermann’s Al Qaeda comment was so over the top that Playboy had to resort to asking one of his rabid fans to find one person to say something positive about him.”

More from Becky of “I’ll have you know that all of my shots are up to date! If I were to take a wild guess, your ‘industry insider’ has an axe to grind, much like whomever emailed this to all of you industry types to begin with. I’m fantastically amused that me and my insignificant, hardly ‘rabid,’ little fan blog have become today’s industry meme. Thanks for all the page hits!”