O’Reilly vs. NBC News: A Recap

By Brian 

Tuesday: Tom Brokaw calls the Saddam execution a “nightmare out of the old American West.” Keith Olbermann delivers a special comment about the war in Iraq and “sacrifice,” saying (among other things) that Bush has “taken money out of the pockets of every American” and “given that money to the war profiteers.”

Wednesday: Bill O’Reilly calls Olbermann’s allegations “insane.” He criticizes people who are “blaming America for Saddam’s excution,” saying: “Elements at NBC News led the way, calling the execution a PR disaster for the U.S.” He says there is “not one conservative commentator who works for NBC News at this time.”

Thursday: Olbermann names O’Reilly the worst person in the world. O’Reilly analyzes “NBC’s turn towards the far left” with Jane Hall and Bernard Goldberg. O’Reilly predicts that ABC will top NBC in the evening news race this year. Joe Scarborough calls O’Reilly a “suck-up” and challenges him to a debate.

Friday: “NBC News is leading” the left wing media, O’Reilly says. He debates Andrea Mitchell, who was booked to talk about her book. He also cites comments by Chris Matthews. Scarborough speaks out against O’Reilly again.