Cottle: FNC “Conflates Every Issue Possible” To Find “Liberal Media Bad Spin”

By Brian 

“Fox News has launched a campaign charging that the mainstream media were opposed to Saddam’s hanging,” Howard Kurtz said on Sunday’s Reliable Sources, referring to commentators like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. An excerpt from the conversation:

  KURTZ: Michelle Cottle, what do you make of FOX News pounding this message that ‘The New York Times’ and others are in mourning over Saddam?

COTTLE: I think is what FOX News does. It conflates every issue possible so that they can come up with some sort of liberal media bad spin.

I mean, the fact that Saddam Hussein was a butcher and a terrible human being does not have an impact on whether this is a P.R. disaster. I mean, you can look at kind of how the Arab world has responded to this, even beyond Iraq. I mean, in Egypt, in Libya, they have responded by making Saddam into kind of an even more glorious martyr, and they’re going to erect statues and stuff like this.

There’s no question this was handled badly. That has no impact on, you know, whether Saddam was a terrible, horrible human being or not.

Here’s the full transcript…