O’Reilly Slams Olbermann’s Ratings

By Brian 

> Update: 12:47pm: Olbermann responds via e-mail: “About big ratings, as they say, 800 billion flies can’t be wrong.”

Is Bill O’Reilly feeling threatened by Keith Olbermann? On Wednesday’s Factor, the FNC host felt it necessary to include this in his Talking Points Memo of New Year’s Resolutions…

“Speaking of disasters, our competitor at MSNBC is a notorious smear merchant. So far this month, December, “The Factor’s” third rerun at 4:00 in the morning has beaten the MSNBC’s original 8:00 program more than 50 percent of the time. Unbelievable.”

(Also, O’Reilly resolved “to report better, write better, interview better, and interrupt less,” admitting “that last one may be dicey.”)