On A Routine Visit, Immelt Stresses GE’s Support Of CNBC At The Top Levels

By Brian 

When I pose questions on TVNewser, I don’t usually know the answers!

“One guesses you are not going to take an informed response on Immelt at CNBC and let people know that’s proper GE management style. Better to leave the wrong impression with a scare headline,” an e-mailer commented.

So let’s clarify: Jeffrey Immelt visited CNBC for a town hall meeting in Studio C at noon on Thursday. It was a routine visit, according to a CNBC spokesperson. “Immelt, like Jack Welch before him, tours what he owns to meet the people who do the work. That simple,” an e-mailer said.

“The real question is, who was with him?,” a tipster followed up yesterday. “If I were Immelt, I would be ready to dump Wright and Zucker.” Bob Wright and Jeff Zucker were at Immelt’s side on Thursday.

“By bringing the heavyweights to headquarters and having Immelt speak and take Q&A, the underlying statement to us was that if anyone wasn’t sure of the support CNBC has at the top levels, they should get it now,” an insider said. “Our profits are still huge and they need CNBC — shrinking ratings and all.”