Bob Costas, “Media Dissenter”

By Brian 

Today’s editorial in the Wilmington News-Journal identifies FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and other (unnamed) cable news hosts as “exploiters” of the Natalee Holloway case, and labels Bob Costas a “media dissenter.”

The piece thanks Costas for his “principled refusal to ask the same prying questions for the umpteenth time.” It concludes: “Congratulations to Mr. Costas. You have our respect. You also have our hope that you continue to get work.

> Also: Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t want to be lumped onto this post, but here’s another Costas note: On his radio show yesterday, O’Reilly said he “respected” Costas for refusing to host the show. “He said he was smart not to do it,” according to a tipster. But E.D. Hill wasn’t so supportive, “implying that as a sportscaster, he’s treading on tabloid already…”