Obama Rep Calls FNC “Appallingly Irresponsible” For Madrassah References

By Brian 

Fox News repeatedly pushed a right-wing magazine accusation that a young Barack Obama “attended a madrassah” and was raised as a Muslim last week, Howard Kurtz notes in today’s WP.

Obama’s spokesman responds: “To publish this sort of trash without any documentation is surprising, but for Fox to repeat something so false, not once, but many times is appallingly irresponsible.”

Additionally, “Obama aides complained to Fox about what the campaign deemed inflammatory language” during the segments on Fox & Friends and The Big Story.

Today at 6:10am, during Fox & Friends First, Steve Doocy said “we want to clarify something. On Friday of last week, we did the story from the Insight magazine where we talked about how they were quoting that Barack Obama, when he was a child growing up in Indonesia, had attended a madrassah. Mr. Obama’s people called and they said that is absolutely false. They said the idea that Barack Obama went to a radical Muslim school is completely ridiculous.” “We would love to have Barack Obama back on the show,” Gretchen Carlson added…