Notes From ABC’s Press Tour Panel

By Brian 

> AP: “Since the World News Tonight team debuted three weeks ago, Vargas or Woodruff has anchored from Iran, Israel, West Virginia, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Woodruff is headed back to the Middle East next week.

> Canoe: The new anchors “paid tribute to their late colleague, Peter Jennings,” at the press tour. “‘He leaves an enormous legacy that all of us, not just Bob and myself, but every member of the news division remembers and takes to heart,’ said Vargas. ‘He was a tremendous mentor,’ said Woodruff, who added that Jennings could be a demanding boss. ‘Sometimes you didn’t get the sense that he was mentoring you. It was more of an endurance.'”

> Aaron Barnhart: Westin “said that two ‘Peter Jennings Reports’ will air this spring that the late news anchor was working on at the time of his death.