So How About Those 80 New Reporters?

By Brian 

At the press tour a few days ago, Sean McManus was asked about Andy Rooney‘s theory that CBS News could hire 80 new reporters rather than pay for Katie Couric. (On Larry King Live, Rooney said “40 reporters,” but his arithmetic was wrong.) The CBS News prez “provided a grimaced smile in a press conference when reminded of Rooney’s comments, saying, ‘Andy is never afraid to speak his mind,'” Dusty Saunders reports.

“Then in an effort to inject a little comedy, McManus added: ‘I’ve also assured Andy that however much we pay our anchorperson, it will not affect his salary. So I think he’s calmed down a little bit.’

McManus claimed that the salary of the new CBS anchor will not have any effect on the money the network spends on other resources…”