Nicolle Wallace Reports on America’s Mental Health Emergency

By Mark Mwachiro 

Nicolle Wallace, who anchors MNSBC’s afternoon political program Deadline: White House, is stepping a bit outside of her comfort zone to report on America’s mental health emergency.

Deadline: Special Report is a four-part limited streaming series for the MSNBC Hub on Peacock that features candid extended interviews, led by Wallace, with world-class actors, activists, and athletes where they talk about the mental health challenges facing all of us.

To normalize mental health conversations, Wallace will sit down with Golden Globe winner Taraji P Henson, Academy Award nominee Rosie Perez, and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn where each one opens up about their mental health journeys.


Wallace will also be reporting from the frontlines, where she follows a New York City-based doctor who has pioneered a novel approach to mental health care inside and outside the classroom and a teen who says the program may have saved her life.

Deadline: Special Report, produced by her Deadline ep Patrick Burley, is now available on the MSNBC Hub on Peacock.

Wallace’s limited series is the latest effort by MSNBC to boost its content offering within the Peacock streaming service. Earlier this year, the network announced that it would expand its programming, specials, and documentaries within a dedicated hub on Peacock.

“We are taking the strength of our brand and reimagining the MSNBC experience beyond cable television. The demand for our unrivaled coverage and analysis is higher than ever—and I’m looking forward to broadening the ways we reach and engage our audiences,” said MSNBC’s president Rashida Jones in an internal memo.