News Networks Mark 2nd Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

By Mark Mwachiro 

Fox News' Bret Baier interviewing President Zelenskyy in Ukraine

February 24 will mark two years since Russia invaded Ukraine. Though the long, drawn-out conflict isn’t capturing as many headlines as it did when it began, the networks are marking the anniversary with special coverage:

Fox News

Bret Baier is in Ukraine interviewing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The interview will air on Thursday during Baier’s 6 p.m. ET show, Special Report.


The interview will mark the first time Zelenskyy has been interviewed at the frontlines of combat since the war started, taking place less than a mile and a half from Russian positions.

Baier, while on location, also visited a Ukrainian hospital and a bunker just miles from Russian forces.

CBS News

CBS News senior foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata will also be reporting from Ukraine on Friday, Feb. 23, and Saturday, Feb. 24, for the anniversary.

Leading up to that, D’Agata reported from an exclusive embed on a live fire exercise with U.S. troops near the Russian border in Poland amid concerns that the ongoing invasion of Ukraine could spill over into NATO territory. With funding stalled in Congress, the drills for both American and Ukrainian forces are at risk of coming to a halt. The piece aired last night on CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell and Thursday’s edition of CBS Mornings.


Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international anchor, has been on the ground this week in Kyiv, where she has been anchoring her CNN International program, Amanpour. Joining her in Ukraine is chief international security correspondent Nick Paton Walsh, who was in Ukraine at the start of the war, and senior digital news producer Ivana Kottasová, who is covering the war’s second anniversary for CNN Digital.

Reporting live from Moscow all week has been CNN’s chief global affairs correspondent Matthew Chance as he covers the anniversary from the Russian viewpoint, with the country making advances in Ukraine while facing global criticism after the recent death of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

CNN Digital is marking the anniversary with on-the-ground pieces, enterprise reporting, videos, photos, explainers and other content that breaks down what has transpired in the past two years, available to users at

NBCUniversal News Group

Highlights include NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel in Ukraine reporting across all platforms, including Friday on Today and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Meet the Press Now will also feature interviews with U.K. foreign secretary David Cameron and former U.S. Amb. to Ukraine Bill Taylor on Friday.

In addition, MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi marks 2 years of full-fledged war in Ukraine on ‘Velshi’ on Saturday, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. ET. Joining Velshi to discuss the situation inside Ukraine are members of the Ukrainian Parliament Lesia Vasylenko and Oleksiy Goncharenko, independent journalist Terrell Jermaine Starr, Bill Browder and Nastia Shpot – a teenage Ukrainian refugee Ali first met in Poland in the early days of the war and later in her hometown just miles from the frontlines.

The news division also said that coverage of the war in Ukraine will continue across NBC News, MSNBC, NBC News Now, and

Scripps News

The network is airing a special report on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. ET titled Ukraine’s Women Warriors, which focuses on the 5,000 women in combat on the frontlines and is hosted by international correspondent Jason Bellini, who is on his 9th visit to Ukraine. He arrived on Feb. 11 and has been reporting from Kyiv. His stories are appearing on air, streaming and on social media.

Earlier this month, Bellini had an exclusive story with the first interview with a Ukrainian orphan who has spent the last year and a half in Russia—one of thousands of Ukrainian children forcefully deported and indoctrinated by Putin’s regime.

PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour will air several segments this week to commemorate the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including co-anchor Amna Nawaz’s interview with Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland. There will be a roundtable discussion on the current state of the war, led by foreign affairs correspondent Nick Schifrin. This will include Michael Kofman, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment; Rebeccah Heinrichs, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute; and John Mearsheimer, a political science professor at the University of Chicago. Plus, viewers will see Schifrin’s profile of a young, recently enlisted Ukrainian soldier and his reflections on the possibility that he may die in battle.

Schifrin will also join PBS News Weekend anchor John Yang on Saturday, Feb. 24, to reflect on the war’s past two years, what lies ahead and what it’s been like to cover the conflict on the ground. A final segment will focus on Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian healthcare system, including the bombing of hospitals.


The network will be provide special coverage throughout the weekend of the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine. National correspondent Robert Sherman, who reported from Ukraine and Poland when the war broke out in February 2022, will be offering a special package dedicated to the two-year milestone and reporting live from overseas on the latest with the war.

ABC News

ABC News will offer dedicated coverage across the network and on ABC News Live. ABC News Live’s First will devote a half-hour to the Russia-Ukraine War. ABC News Digital has been, and will continue to, publish special coverage around the anniversary. This Week will air a dedicated piece this Sunday from chief global affairs correspondent and This Week co-anchor, Martha Raddatz. Foreign correspondent James Longman and international news reporter Patrick Reevell will also report from Ukraine.