New Nightline: Goldston On The Record

By Brian 

> New York Times: On ABC’s support: He said ABC was “making a significant additional investment in the show.” That was a sign, he said, of how thoroughly ABC was behind the news effort. “It’s incumbent on us to make a success of the show,” he said. “But that’s only proper.” As for how long he will have to generate that success, he said, “There is no timetable, and I would not expect ABC to give me one.”

> Reuters: On the changes: “Nightline has a great and proud tradition of doing serious and important journalism. There will be presentational differences, but there shouldn’t be very large content differences.”

> NY Daily News: On the newsiness of Nightline: “No one has presented any evidence that we’re softening Nightline. I wanted to soften the show, I would not have picked these three anchors. Soft, they are not. They’re tough, aggressive journalists.”

> Philadelphia Inquirer: On the anchor trio: It “enables me to get them on the road, breaking new material as often as possible. If you have one or two anchors, you can’t really go anywhere. Three seemed to be the right number for the task at hand.”

> Washington Post: “In yesterday’s announcement and in a chat with The TV Column, Nightline Executive Producer James Goldston said they were ‘three of the most talented journalists working in television.’ Which is a wee bit like calling Harriet Miers the very best candidate for the Supreme Court.”