New Trade Pub. Clippings

By Brian 

> MediaWeek: “After a five-year period during which CNBC’s Web site was something of an afterthought for the Wall Street-obsessed cable network, relaunches Dec. 4 as a robust, video-rich news destination…”

> The Hollywood Reporter: “More than 50 staff members have been hired for over the past couple of months, many integrated into the channel’s television staffs and not just working online. The production will be handled by CNBC in New Jersey from 6 a.m. EST to 7 p.m., then handed over to the Singapore office until 2 a.m. EST when the London bureau will take over until 6 a.m…”

> Reuters: “The company has also created a separate studio, where interviews with business executives take place, following their TV interview. These interviews will be streamed on the site…”

> Variety: “I look at it as a Bloomberg Box for everyday people,” Jonathan Wald says…