New Lots Of Live Content, Including Market News & Interviews

By Brian 

The new is promoting a series of live interviews on launch day, beginning with a 9:01 a.m. exclusive with Chicago Fed President Michael Moskow.

“CNBC’s Steve Liesman will sit down — one on one with Moskow — to get his take on what’s ahead for the Fed,” producer Mark Koba blogs on Play-by-Play. (No pressure, Liesman, but the press release declares, “this interview will make news.”)

In addition to “Market in a Minute” updates for the Web every half-hour (hosted by a rotation of on-air talent), the site is hosting a series of live Web-only “Outlook ’07” interviews. On Monday, Abby Joseph Cohen is booked at noon and Terry McGraw is on for 1pm. Two more interviews are scheduled on Tuesday. Live will also show unedited versions of taped interviews with individuals like Warren Buffett and Les Moonves. This release promises three to eight hours of live programming daily.

This content is ambitious; but I think the live video player should be embedded on the home page; right now it launches in a separate window…