New CBS News Prez: Morning Papers

By Brian 

> Washington Post: Moonves says McManus is a phenomenal executive: “He took CBS Sports from being a doormat to being the dominant sports network…This is not a schlockmeister. He’s a great leader.” Also: “McManus said he would spend 95 percent of his time on the struggling news division for the next two years.”

> New York Times: “Mr. Moonves said yesterday that he was not really seeking a radically changed news division. ‘I think what I would say now is there has to be a new spirit.’ He blamed a ‘lack of direction’ for some of CBS’s problems in news.”

> Philadelphia Inquirer: “McManus’ appointment was hailed as gutsy and innovative by those inside and outside CBS. His dearth of news experience won’t hurt him, they say. ‘Sean is a fantastic guy,’ says veteran CBS producer Susan Zirinsky. ‘He knows who we are and what we do…He’s a bold guy who’s going to make deals.'”

> Baltimore Sun: “The first challenge is to learn from the mistakes that were made last year and make sure they are not repeated,” McManus said. “I want people to realize there’s a fresh slate and that we are going to put better news programming on the air.”

> NY Daily News: McManus says he is under no pressure to name a permanent replacement for the CBS Evening News quickly: “I would rather take a little extra time and get it right than rush into something quickly just to get it on the air.”