Geraldo Promises “News With Passion”

By Brian 

News with passion.

That seems to be the catch-phrase for “Geraldo At Large,” the new syndicated show premiering Oct. 31. The show’s Web site is online, featuring a “trailer” and a “message from Geraldo.”

According to the site, correspondents Laurie Dhue, Phil Keating and Laura Ingle are also on “the team.” (Ingle is a bit of a surprise, because she just joined Fox News in August/September.)

> Geraldo tells the Houston Chronicle: “We’re doing news with passion, that Geraldo-style news in terms of being involved, on location, being in the eye of the hurricane…trying to get inside the big crime stories of the day.”

> The Contra Costa Times says Geraldo’s brother Craig Rivera has been “arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.” He was in town getting ready for At Large…