NBC News Taken Off Golden Globe Presser

By SteveK 

NBC News was removed from the Golden Globe winner announcement press conference coverage, and NBC lost its exclusive broadcasting rights. The decision, which was made by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, came about after financial and creative disagreements with the HFPA and Dick Clark Productions.

NBC will still air the Golden Globe presser, although not under the NBC News umbrella, at 9pmET tonight. However since NBC no longer has exclusive rights to the coverage, E!, TV Guide Channel and CNN plan on airing the press conference. CNN will have a special Larry King Live with related guests as they cover the announcement.

There were rumblings about the decision for NBC’s news division to cover the event earlier last week. Now NBC, intentionally or unintentionally, does not have to answer that question.


Update: Apparently NBC chose not to air the live press conference after all, and instead showed a live “Golden Globes Winners” special.

Update, update: The results are in, and Variety and the New York Times think NBC lost.