NBC News Names Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins Senior Reporters for Business, Tech and Media

By A.J. Katz 

NBC News has promoted investigative journalists Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins to senior reporters on the network’s business, tech and media team.

Zadrozny and Collins are best known for building the “disinformation and misinformation” beat at NBC News.

“Their tireless work has strengthened the network’s reporting throughout the election cycle and especially during the assault on the Capitol,” said Sally Shin, NBC News executive editor, business, tech and media. “And, most importantly, it has served as a wakeup call to the dangers stemming from the dark corners of the internet.


One may recall Zadrozny was targeted by Tucker Carlson on the October 21 broadcast of his Fox News program. “Her job is personally seeking out and identifying information about anonymous Trump supporters online,” Carlson said of the NBC Newser, who at the time was working on a story for NBC News about disinformation and using public records to confirm identities of people who create harassment campaigns.

Revolver News journalist Darren Beattie joined Carlson for the segment, and he proceeded to accuse Zadrozny of “doing everything she can to unearth anonymous Trump supporters basically so she can ruin their lives.”

NBC News would issue a statement defending Zadrozny and torching the Fox News star for his remarks, while Collins tweeted out support of his colleague’s investigative reporting as well.