Nancy Grace: A “Disaster” With “Potential”

By Brian 

Last night, viewers of “Nancy Grace” were left wondering: Who’s Elizabeth? After two failed attempts at running a tape, Grace delivered a cold “Elizabeth, you’re fired.” (We’re assuming she was joking.) The producers couldn’t seem to get the video transitions correct, and could not switch to a live press conference quick enough. “You could tell her producer was going nuts in her ear. Grace was very mad. Nancy sure learned quick that this ain’t LKL!,” an e-mailer said. Other e-mailer comments:

> “Nancy Grace is one of those people anyway that sorta makes you want to watch her to see what will happen.”

> “What a disaster the Nancy Grace show was…Microphones were clipped during the show and others accidentally left on, at one point someone-off camera said the 16-year-old murder suspect was “a jerk.” At another point Nancy pitched a tape saying play the manicurist, but when tape rolled it was the aunt of the murder suspect. Overall a very sloppy show and Nancy rarely let any of her guests finish their answers before she interrupted.”

> “I think Nancy Grace has potential. She brings a very distinct interviewing style to television. Sort of like a mom questioning her children’s friends. Gives her a common touch which is a must for TV. I don’t watch Court TV so that style may become annoying after a while. I wonder how well it would work for non-trial shows.”

> Here’s the show open (1.78 WMV video). Seven screen caps after the jump…