“Important Addition” To E-News Genre?

By Brian 

Reactions to “Showbiz Tonight:

> From an upbeat e-mailer: “Showbiz Tonight will work once they work out the live tv kinks (David Heffenreffer’s live remote from Times Square was oddly edited)… Also, if they can get their guests to tone it down and stop yelling (literally) at each other, and instead have more constructive debates about the entertainment industry, including FCC regulations, Gays in Hollywood, the Red-Blue state divide, then you will have a constructive and important addition to the entertainment news genre. Give it a few weeks and it will work well.”

> “I’m not a fan of changing the news-wheel on HLN, though I do like the Showbiz show and its production values,” another e-mailer says. “After all CNN did have a showbiz programme years ago, but it was shorter and had crappy production values. But I honestly dont see the value of an entire hour long show.”

> Another e-mailer says Showbiz Tonight is “hands-down the winner” versus MSNBC’s new entertainment shows.

> Here’s the show open (2.72 WMV video). Eight screen caps after the jump…