“Nagin Praises, Pans Katrina “

By Brian 

“Embattled New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin took aim at what he said were the news media’s errors and exaggerations covering Hurricane Katrina, giving props to local media and panning the national coverage as a ‘reality TV’ take on the tragedy,” Broadcasting & Cable reports.

He spoke on a panel on Katrina coverage at the NATPE Convention today. “Initially, watching local TV and newspaper coverage, Nagin saw ‘everyone off balance but fighting to represent the facts and present an experience no one has ever gone through.’

But speaking in deliberately measured tones, Nagin said that coverage changed when the national and international media entered the picture: ‘I watched media coverage go from reporting the news to making the news, expanding the news to a different level.'”

> Update: 7:36pm: Here’s an AP story about it…