MSNBC Weekend Morning Anchor Lindsey Reiser and Her Wife Expecting First Child Together

By A.J. Katz 

MSNBC weekend morning anchor Lindsey Reiser and her wife, Kathy Clark, are expecting their first child together, a girl.

The 33-year-old Reiser, who joined MSNBC last year after a stint as weekend anchor for Meredith-owned station Arizona’s Family, is currently 15 weeks pregnant with her first child, and due in March.

Her baby news didn’t come as a big surprise to co-anchor, Kendis Gibson.


“He had already been playing detective,” she revealed to Today. “He said he had a hunch because of the cracker snacking.”

Reiser needs those saltines: she’s been battling all-day morning sickness.

Her big food aversion used to be a daily staple for the morning anchor: “Coffee! I used to love a cup of joe, but lately I can’t stand it,” said Reiser. “I have been waking up and anchoring at 6 a.m. without a drop of caffeine. All of a sudden I am crazy about orange juice in the morning, and I have been eating salt and vinegar chips and pickles several times a day.”

Reiser said that she and her wife delayed their family planning due to the pandemic.

“But we felt comfortable to embark on this journey once we were both fully vaccinated,” Reiser explained. “For Kathy, she is so grateful she can finally fulfill a lifelong dream of being a mom at 48.”

Reiser praised Clark, a journalist and executive producer at The Social Television Network, for taking on most of the at-home duties so that she can hydrate and rest.

The couple, who have been together for more than seven years, conceived through intrauterine insemination (IUI), a treatment that involves doctors directly inserting sperm into the uterus.

Reiser and Clark recently celebrated their growing family with a photoshoot.

“We wanted to get an ‘I Love NY’ onesie to celebrate our new chapter here, since we are both from Arizona,” Reiser said.