Moonves Says It’s “Scary” That The Average Evening News Viewer Is 60

By Brian 

Also on Your World, Neil Cavuto tried to preview the future of the CBS Evening News. He asked about the prospect of an anchor team, and Moonves said “we’re not sure yet. We’re still working out different ways of going with this thing, and there are many different ways to go with it.” Then he brought up Jon Stewart:

  CAVUTO: You had expressed admiration for Jon Stewart, and for people who are a little irreverent. Is it fair to say that the future of broadcast news, whatever it is, is going to be a little more irreverent, maybe more hip?

MOONVES: I don’t know if it will be more irreverent. I am a big fan of Jon Stewart, I think what Jon Stewart does — I think he does an amazing job. It was very interesting during the last election, more people between the ages of 18 to 25 got their news about the campaign through Jon Stewart than any other vehicle, you know, including Fox, including CBS. I think some of the things Jon has to say would be fun. At the same time, I think we need a news that’s more user-friendly.

I think what’s scary right now is the average age of the network news viewer is 60 years old. And I think we have to prepare something that is a little bit more friendly to people who are a little bit younger.

After the jump, Moonves talks about CNN…

  CAVUTO: If CNN were up for sale, would you buy it?

MOONVES: You know what, we’ve always looked at CNN and thought it was great. We’re envious, frankly, of Fox having you guys. We’re envious of NBC having MSNBC, and CNBC. We think, you know, cable and networks do go together. However, I don’t think CNN will ever be for sale.

Moonves wouldn’t rule out a partnership with CNN, but he said “partnerships are difficult.”