Moonves Grins As He Says “I’m Not Going To Talk About Katie Couric”

By Brian 

It’s not obvious in the transcript, but Moonves seemed gleeful as he declined to comment about Katie Couric on yesterday’s Your World with Neil Cavuto:

  CAVUTO: The talk is Katie Couric is coming to take Dan Rather’s place.

You know, we don’t, we don’t speak about any prospective person. Right now Katie Couric’s under contract to NBC. She is until May and that’s about all we’ll say.

CAVUTO: Would you be willing to pay 20 million dollars a year?

MOONVES: I’m not going to talk about Katie Couric. [LAUGH]
CAVUTO: What about our own Shepard Smith?

MOONVES: Shepard Smith certainly is worth 20 million, I’ll tell you that right now.


So “we’ve gleaned from you that it’s between Shep and Katie,” Cavuto joked at the end of the segment…