Message To The Ladies Of Cable News: “It’s Not About You!!”

By Brian 

A trusted TVNewser contributor writes in:

“The ladies of cable news, with the exception of the always upright Greta Van Susteren, were falling all over themselves last night to tell the world how difficult it was for *them* that Daniel Horowitz‘s wife had been murdered and how terrible *they* feel about it. Jane Velez-Mitchell, subbing for Nancy Grace; Nancy Grace herself, who found time to do interviews on numerous programs; and Rita Cosby all went on and on about how traumatized they were and how painful it was for them to have to call old buddy Horowitz and ask him reporter-type questions about his wife’s murder. I kept wanting to scream, ‘It’s not about you!!'”

> Grace was at Hofstra
U. last night,
talking about victim’s rights…