Megyn Kelly Was Angry About Charlie Rose Moderating Her Book Event

By Chris Ariens 

Megyn Kelly opened her show today talking about the sexual harassment allegations against Charlie Rose, and her experience with Rose at her New York City book event one year ago this week.

“I asked Charlie to emcee my very first book event,” Kelly said on her NBC show this morning. “It was supposed to be a celebratory event, discussing the full scope of the book, which is about my life and my career and the lessons learned. Instead, the exchange felt to me like a cross-examination focused on one issue, the sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes. Allegations Ailes denied but which I know are true because I lived it. I felt defensive in the exchange with Charlie and wound up angry about how he handled my book event.”

As TVNewser wrote in our coverage on Nov. 18, 2016:


Just as Rose asked about the sexual harassment accusations against Roger Ailes, Kelly’s three young children bounced into the front row of the packed 4th floor space at the Union Square bookstore. “We’ll skip the details,” Kelly said. About why she spoke up following Gretchen Carlson‘s lawsuit against Ailes, Kelly told Rose, “My fear that this behavior was continuing was greater than my loyalty to him.” Ailes continues to deny all the accusations against him.