Report: Megyn Kelly Is Making $23 Million a Year

By Chris Ariens 

DailyMailTV reports that Megyn Kelly‘s NBC News salary is higher than had been widely reported.

The new syndicated TV show, part of, reports that Kelly has a 3-year contract earning $23 million per year.

When she signed on with NBC News earlier this year, most reports pegged her annual salary around $17 million.


Fox News was prepared to pay upwards of $20 million dollars to keep her at Fox News . That’s about what the network’s biggest star at the time, Bill O’Reilly, was earning.

As she began negotiating new opportunities last fall Kelly was also out promoting her memoir, Settle For More. During a Q&A about the book last November at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan Charlie Rose asked, “You don’t need $20 million?”

“I don’t need any millions,” Kelly said. “But I will be paid what I’m worth.” A source says Kelly’s NBC salary is less than she would have made had she stayed with Fox.

Matt Lauer singed a 2-year contract extension last November, estimated to be $25 million annually. A few weeks later came the news that Savannah Guthrie had signed a new deal, though no details have emerged on her contract.

The Today show brings in an estimated $450 million dollars in ad revenue each year. That’s the lion’s share of the estimated $837 million in ad revenue of the three network morning shows combined.