Meghan McCain Leaves The View

By A.J. Katz 

Meghan McCain said goodbye to The View Friday after a four-year run as the ABC daytime panel talk show’s conservative co-host.

McCain told viewers on June 1 that she would be leaving at the end of July, citing a desire to be closer to her family and friends in Washington D.C.

In the show’s final moments, McCain bid her co-hosts and The View audience farewell:


“Thank you all so much again for the privilege and honor it has been for the past four years to work on this show. It really has been incredible. It’ll be referenced in everything I do for the rest of my life. You women have been so incredible to work with. The crew, producers, everyone works so hard. And honestly the audience—for giving me four years to give my opinion and show my perspective.

This has been a really wild ride the past four years of my life. It’s been, honestly the best of times, and worst of times in all ways—on and off the show. And it’s been a really incredible, liberating experience. And I will always cherish the time I’ve spent with all of you. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

She ended her remarks by quipping that she hopes she can be forgiven by executive producer Brian Teta “for making his blood pressure rise the past four years as much as I probably have.”

The daytime panel talk show, which now falls under the ABC News umbrella, delivered some of its biggest ratings with the polarizing McCain at the table. She joined the program in fall 2017  after a 10-month stint as a co-host on Fox News’ daytime panel show Outnumbered.

McCain rose to prominence when she launched a popular blog while on the 2008 presidential campaign trail with her father, the late Senator John McCain. She later became a columnist at The Daily Beast and then an MSNBC contributor before making the move to Fox as a contributor in 2015.

McCain’s final show also featured a video congrats from former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and an appearance from her mother, Cindy McCain.

“We knew she could do it,” said Cindy McCain. “And we knew she had the ability to make waves or deal with controversy—all the things that you do so well on this show.”

She added, of the late Senator, “It was really his suggestion and his idea that she do this when offered the job. I know he’s very proud of her right now. I know he is.”