Megan Alexander Names Second Child After Ewan McGregor Character

By Brian Flood 

Inside Edition and CBS Thursday Night Football correspondent Megan Alexander gave birth to her second son, Catcher Brian Alexander, on Thursday, July 30.

“The movie “Down with Love” came out in 2003. In it, the actor Ewan McGregor plays the lead male character named ‘Catcher Block.’ I immediately loved that name! When we were choosing baby boy names, I suddenly remembered it and it became one of our final choices. When our baby boy was born, I took one look at him and said ‘He looks like Catcher.’ And so we named him Catcher Brian,” Alexander told TVNewser.

With a name like Catcher, the expectation are going to be high for the little guy to become a good athlete. But his mother’s connections to the sports world can’t hurt. Alexander’s Thursday Night Football duties include covering game-related stories for all CBS affiliates around the world.


Alexander and her husband split time between New York City and Nashville, TN. She has also been a guest commentator on the Wendy Williams show, Showbiz Tonight, Fox News and CBS.

Megan and Catcher Alexander