CNN’s Jake Tapper Takes a Look at Jon Stewart’s Political Impact

By Brian Flood 

With the final episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart coming on Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper dedicated a segment of State of the Union to look at the comedian’s impact on the world of politics. Tapper calls Stewart “so influential, especially among young voters, that the President of the Unites States, whom he obviously greatly admired, would privately chide him to not feed cynicism.”

Tapper discusses how the show has taken shots at the media, saying “especially CNN.” However, the folks at Fox News might have something to say about that, since The Daily Show is notorious for poking fun at FNC. New host Trevor Noah even made a point to say his version of the show will look “at it from a bigger lens as opposed to just going after one source—which was historically Fox News.”

Check out Tapper’s entire segment below: