Matt Drudge on ‘The Most Dramatic Moment on CNN in a Generation’

By Chris Ariens 

Another bit from Matt Drudge‘s epic 45-minute interview with InfoWars host Alex Jones Tuesday: Drudge’s role as media matchmaker.

“I am a matchmaker behind the scenes,” said Drudge, as the two discussed Jones’s 2013 interview with then-CNN host Piers Morgan. Drudge had sent a tweet suggesting that Morgan interview Jones about the issue of guns in America.

“I’ve never met Piers Morgan but I do believe that Tweet that day led to that, which ended up being the most dramatic moment on CNN in a generation,” said Drudge, adding, “That’s why they need to hire people away from 6th avenue just to look at the scene. I remember once saying to Charlie Rose, why don’t you have more conservatives on. And he said, ‘who?'”

“CNN knows that if they put my commentary on or your commentary on, tens of millions will tune in to watch it,” Jones said. “They know that. They have to control the narrative because it’s an agenda. Even if it’s self-defeating.”

Drudge, the matchmaker, gave this advice to the network producers: “To make provocative programming you’ve got to have different points of view. Where is that in this culture? Where are the intriguing television shows? You could say Homeland. OK, yes. But where are the real dynamic things?”

“If you’re not well, you’re not that interested in what Anderson Cooper is saying about things,” Drudge concluded. “You’re just not. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be insulting.”