Making Moonves “Very Happy”

By Brian 

Quoting today’s Philadelphia Daily News:Bob Schieffer has a good enough nose for news that he recognizes the scent of manure when it’s shoveled his way.

So when CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves was making noises a year ago about blowing up The CBS Evening News and starting over, Schieffer took it for what it was worth.

“Schieffer actually said it to me, as an aside: ‘You never really meant it about blowing up the news. You just wanted to see some progress,'” Moonves said. “And I said, ‘You’re absolutely right.’ … My ‘blowing up the news’ statement came from frustration that we hadn’t moved 10 yards. And I’m seeing some progress.”

Moonves added later: “Sean [McManus] has already instituted things that have made me very happy.”