Lou Dobbs Sits Down with Esteban Colberto

By SteveK 

Lou Dobbs appeared on The Colbert Report last night for what had to be the most unique interview he’s ever been a part of. Stephen Colbert, or on this evening, Esteban Colberto, interviewed Dobbs from the set of, “Colberto Reporto Gigante,” the Spanish-language counterpart to the Comedy Central show.

Colberto made his way to the interview set by sneaking through a make-shift fence with “dos chicas,” and “crossed the border” to where Dobbs was seated. Dobbs played along. “It’s very impressive, and better than some of the fence along our border now,” he said.

The interview focused on the Middle Class (as Dobbs plugged his previous book, “War on the Middle Class“) with Colbert asking questions in Spanish and Dobbs answering in English. For the full surreal video, see below: