Colin Farrell Does a “Diane Keaton” on CNN

By SteveK 

It must be the week of movie stars turning off their inner censors. Just after 12:45pmET on CNN today, Kyra Phillips tossed to entertainment correspondent Brooke Anderson for a report from the Sundance Film Festival.

Anderson had Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson from the film “In Bruges” for an interview, and for the first minute or so, the interview went smoothly. As the conversation drifted to the decision by writer/director Martin McDonagh to allow the duo to keep their Irish accents, Farrell started laughing and explained the reason why. He mentioned his previous film “Cassandra’s Dream, and then said this: “(McDonagh) saw “Cassandra’s Dream” and said, ‘F**k that, he’s Irish.'”

Anderson, immediately flustered, said, “Oh my goodness…oh sorry about that. Ah! I hope we caught that in time. We, um, sorry I’m a little bit ruffled now.”

The interview continued, although Farrell brought the curse back up. As Anderson started to ask, “You said recently…,” Farrell cut in and said, “I said the wrong word recently.”

Phillips teased Anderson at the end of the segment. “Brooke Anderson, I’ve never seen your feathers ruffled like that before. You handled that very well.”

> Update: Click continued to see the Youtube video…