London 7/7: Williams & Couric On MSNBC

By Brian 

NBC’s coverage of the London attacks has been top-notch all day. Katie Couric and Lester Holt anchored a six-hour edition of ‘Today,’ from 7am to 1pm (for the West Coast).

As soon as Couric signed off NBC, she walked to the Nightly News studio to co-anchor on MSNBC with Brian Williams.

Williams has been anchoring on MSNBC since 10am, in addition to anchoring special reports for the network.

This TVSpyer considers it a sign of “no confidence” in the MSNBC talent, but I think it’s a smart move.

Later today, Holt will anchor on MSNBC, along with Natalie Morales (who sat in for Ann Curry on ‘Today’) and Norah O’Donnell.

> Update: 3:48pm: An e-mailer says: “Brian Williams and Katie Couric anchoring MSNBC brings back memories of the two of them hosting TWA Flight 800 at the advent of MSNBC. This is what the channel should be and they are doing a great job.”