London 7/7: 7:30am Round-Up

By Brian 

> 7:56am: An e-mailer says: “CNN has been proving themselves as the leader when it comes to international news. While MSNBC is essentually similcasting ITN and FOX is doing the usual commentary over SKY News coverage, CNN is primarily relying on their own reporting. CNN is using their assets rather than mooching off the English networks like the other cablers. Surprisingly, CNBC is covering all angles and has to take an easy second place when it comes to good coverage.”

> 7:49am: Soledad O’Brien asked: Isn’t it “virtually impossible” to fully protect buses and trains? Terror analyst John Cutter responded: “Nothing is virtually impossible to do. It’s difficult to do, it’s impossible to probably stop eventually. However, there’s ways to stall it…Everyone has to be the eyes and the ears for the whole country.”

> 7:47am: NBC’s David Gregory: “I think you can expect the President to speak about this to cameras, to the world, from the G8 Summit later today…”

> 7:44am: Jim Stewart on CBS: “There is no immediate plan to raise the alert level in the United States. That may change as the day goes on.”

> 7:42am: MSNBC chyron: “British police say at least seven blasts have rocked central London.” FNC chyron: “London police: Six explosions”

> 7:39am: CNN chyron: “Scotland Yard says a total of four explosions in London.” Soledad: “With these explosions happening underground, there could be multiple reportings of the same one happening.”

> 7:35am: The networks are getting awfully excited about the claims of responsibility, but “there are crackpots that come out of the woodwork when things like this happen,” FNC’s E.D. Hill said.

> 7:33am: FNC producer Tadek Markowski is in Russell Square: “I’m using one of the few modes of transportation that’s effective in London right now, and that’s a bicycle.”

> 7:32am: The double-decker bus was “ripped apart like a tin can,” CNN’s Soledad O’Brien said.

> 7:30am: Katie Couric: “…There have been near-simultaneous explosions. It’s unclear exactly how many, but perhaps six, perhaps seven…”

> 7:30am: has plastered a huge headline on the home page: “BLASTS ROCK LONDON.”