London 7/7: 6am Round-Up

By Brian 

> 6:27am: MSNBC starts discussing the Madrid train bombings with terrorism analyst Steve Emerson.

> 6:24am: Col. David Hunt on Fox News: There were only two groups that could have done this: The IRA or Al Qaeda.

> 6:23am: The chyron on MSNBC: “British officials aren’t ruling out an intentional attack”

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> 6:10am: Judge Andrew Napolitano didn’t waste any time assigning blame: “This was clearly a hideous coordinated attack… As we are learning from our colleagues at Sky News, middle eastern terrorists [have used these tactics before]. This is not the first time London has seen this type of attack, but it does appear to be the grandest scale that London has seen in modern times.”

> 6:04am: Charlie Gibson is anchoring a special report on ABC News. ABC quickly created a map of the London subway system. “We’ll have a full report later on GMA,” he said, and tossed back to local news.

> 6:03am: NBC News correspondent Ron Allen on a ‘Today’ special report: “This is still a very chaotic and confusing situation unfolding, and it apparently still continues to unfold.”

> 6:01am: All the cablers are reporting different estimates about the number of explosions. On Fox News, a radio reporter said he had heard of seven explosions, but then he said: “We just had a report literally in the last few seconds that at one site…there’s been a second explosion.” “Wow,” Brian Kilmeade responded…

> 6am: MSNBC placed a London clock on the corner of the screen.

> 5:59am: Fox News relied on a Sky News video feed and the Fox & Friends anchors.

> 5:58am: Col. Ken Allard on MSNBC: “[Tony Blair is] going to ask the same questions right now: What’s going on here? Who’s responsible for it? And oh, by the way, what’s going to happen next?”

> 5:57am: CNBC is simulcasting CNBC Europe. “Initial reports were that it was a power surge. It has clearly turned into something more than that.”

> 5:54am: Fredericka Whitfield on CNN: “At least nine explosions, depending on which authorities you hear from, three explosions taking place on buses in the center of London, six explosions taking place underground, nearly paralyzing the entire public transportation system right now.”

> According to CNN, here are the initial breaking news times:

CNN: 4:48am / FNC: 4:56am / MSNBC: 5:00am