London 7/7: 6:30am Round-Up

By Brian 

> 6:58am: ABC News commenced another special report before 7am.

“I should underline that this has occured in London. As far as we know, this terrorist attack, if this is a terrorist attack…this has been limited to London.”

> 6:57am: CNN chyron: “Washington raises transit security after London blasts.” FNC chyron: “NYPD taking ‘appropriate measures.'”

> 6:56am: FNC’s Brian Kilmeade, talking about the G8 Summit: “The top of the agenda was global warming. The top of the agenda was aid to Africa. But maybe the top of the agenda should have been terrorism to begin with. It sure will be now.”

> 6:53am: CNN/U.S. is simulcasting CNN International coverage, where two women are anchoring from London. MSNBC is dipping into the ITN feed frequently.

> 6:51am: “The BBC’s Frank Gardner said Arab sources said the blasts were probably the work of al-Qaeda but police have not confirmed a terrorist link.”

> 6:50am: FNC analyst Mansoor Ijaz is in London: “I don’t sense that there’s panic here as much as there’s daze and confusion.”

> 6:47am: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour is reporting from London now. She said the communication networks are jammed: “We can’t use them, and we’re a news organization! We’re having a lot of difficulty with cell phones, and even land lines.”

> Buzzmachine: “Just saw a fuzzy picture (via PBS in New York) that appeared to be a web cam, camera phone, or sat phone from a correspondent on a London street, getting news in an fast as possible. I also see jump security cams being used live on CNN via a British network.”

> 6:40am: CNN has been relying on ITN heavily. Headline News is sticking with Robin Meade, with frequent updates about the London attacks.

> 6:37am: Brian Kilmeade on FNC: “Nobody thinks the attacks have stopped.”

> 6:36am: CNBC’s Ron Insana is on the phone from the G8 Summit.

> 6:35am: All the cablers begin reporting the news from Jerusalem that Scotland Yard had warned Israel about a terrorist threat.